To be the best way to bridge the gap between the problem and the solution in the areas of district energy, building services and heat transfer.


People matter. We will instill a true sense of security and comfort in the people that we deal with by always making an effort to understand their needs and wants and offering matching solutions, and by only offering the very best in terms of quality, longevity and value.


Earth is our home. We will apply everything we know to protect our planet.


Knowledge is our greatest asset. We will be a beacon of knowledge by sharing what we have learned and by continually learning more.


  • Established in 2012 in Warsaw,Poland.
  • Service and sales support partner officers in Denmark, Italy, USA, Qatar and UAE.
  • Partner of the Polish Chamber of District Heating
    (Izba Gospodarcza Ciepłownictwo Polskie)
  • Areas of operation include the European Union (EU) and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).
  • Exclusively promotes products made in EU, Canada and USA, by environmentally & socially responsible partners in certified facilities.

Areas of Expertise



Overview and examination of installed equipment to identify potential problems and to recommend service and/or improvement in terms of reliability and energy saving.


Includes preparation for first start-up, which is particularly important for rotating equipment (such as pumps) and equipment that was in storage for prior to installation. Actual start-up is conducted and performance is evaluated.

Trouble Shooting

The systematic process of examining possible causes for a specific problem until a cause is identified and a remedy is recommended.

Periodic Maintenance

Depending on the equipment, scheduled preventative maintenance can be agreed and performed in order to reduce to likelihood of failure and ensure energy efficient operation.


When equipment fails, specific steps are taken to correct the failure, including adjustment, cleaning, and repair or replacement of damaged parts.


Major procedure that involves a thorough examination of equipment, adjustment, cleaning and replacement of parts subject to wear and tear.


Conducted when it is necessary to change the characteristics of equipment either to perform differently or achieve compliance with new or different standards.

Supply of Spare Parts

We can recommend and supply parts for all the equipment that we offer and/or service at competitive prices.

Training on Operation & Maintenance

This is the best guarantee for safety of personnel, environmental protection and achieving reliable and energy efficient operation.



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